Using AI Marketing To Grow Your Business

More Leads, More Exposure,

And More Sales. 


Done for you

Create and Run Ads to targeted local prospects

Use Proven Funnels to capture exclusive local leads

Set-up an automated follow-up workflow to quickly deliver your leads to you

3 channel followup (email, text, ringless voicemail)

You will see anywhere from 50% to 70% response rate

The system will automatically get in touch with your prospect within 15 minutes of their opt-in

Exclusive Leads

No more cold calls

Increase the number of presentations you make

HIgh close rates

Exclusive for your company, we don’t resell or rent your leads.

Low cost – discounts for larger orders.

Quick – leads will be delivered 5-7 days after your order


Medicare Supplement & Advantage



Personal Injury

Residential Real Estate

 I am generally very careful who I endorse or recommend in business. Reputation is everything. Personally, I was skeptical of the impact of a social media expert/campaign would have on a relationship based business. I gave Christopher Huber and his agency a try anyway. It was affordable and, after the initial discussion with Christopher, knew that if it wasn’t paying dividends I could cancel.
Now, I am well into a relationship with Graitlin Digital Group several months. Christopher and his team have done some astonishing work with real results relative to our efforts in new business development. The reach and scope that Christopher was able to provide my business has allowed me to market confidently in the Geographic areas I desire as well as promote the company messaging to our target markets. The results are absolute. I now have 3 significant NEW Centers of Influence and multiple sales. In addition, we have so much presence in Social Media, my current customers feel like we are bigger than we are. Best money we ever spent. New centers of Influences to market to, business sales and impressive reach for our brand. He is simply part of the team now….
Michael J. McKenna

President and CEO, Comprehensive Benefit Administrators®

Christopher is a well-connected digital marketing professional who has channeled and facilitated a digital marketing campaign for my funding business and expanded my lead generation within a matter of weeks. He is a proactive, result oriented and responsive source for a team that started out knowing very little about digital marketing. Our lead generation has gone from one or two “real” leads a week to twenty or more. Christopher has been an invaluable asset and advisor for our business and has graciously given us direction on additional avenues for growth within our market.
Kristin Parker

Principal Loan Strategist, AdvoCap